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There is a wealth of information available on the internet for potential laser eye surgery customers. We are able to suggest the safest blade free LASIK eye surgery with wave front or external laser treatments to correct short sight myopia, long-sight hypermetropia and astigmatism. Our surgeon aim is not to be the cheapest but simply to inform you. A flap only approximately one tenth of a millimeter thick is created on the cornea. The laser is then applied to the middle layer of your cornea. After a few seconds, the laser has reshaped the eye in order to correct your vision. The flap is then softly placed back onto your eye. The eye’s accepted curing process in the days shortly after surgery will keep the flap firmly in place. Many customers laser eye surgery to the cornea is not the best solution and unlike many LASIK Eye Surgeons. We are able to offer the entire spectrum of refractive surgery options and can direct you towards the safest and most suitable procedure for your eyes. If any amount of myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism can be treated using different lens implant or a grouping of implants and laser eye surgery.

Refractive Error Correction For Enhancing Your Vision


We are the only center offering this gold normal in laser eye treatment available to all our patients. Lasik cross links the collagen fibers within the cornea, adding new biomechanical strength. The last decade, clinical studies around the world have demonstrated that corneal biomechanical strengthening with cross-linking stops development of diseases that weaken the cornea and at the same time improves vision. Lasik procedure, added biomechanical strength may eliminate the need for a Lasik enhancement standard Lasik treatments can require re-treatments and can also extend the durability of the LASIK eye correction so you can see better for longer. The arrangement of UV light and riboflavin causes the collagen fibers that make up the framework of the cornea to become significantly stiffer. The result is a stronger, more rigid cornea. Lasik uses ultraviolet light and riboflavin vitamin B eye droplets to support the cornea.

Glaucoma Treatment And Retinal Surgery In Laser Treatments

Glaucoma is a serious situation which affects the optic nerve in the eye and it can lead to permanent sight loss. In our Eye Hospital there is a number of treatments which can be used to prevent and contest the situation. Glaucoma is a progressive disease which requires early exposure and interrupted review. Our Eye Hospital ensures the most suitable examination and treatment is given.We offer a service

whereby a consultant ophthalmologist will review your glaucoma tests. Frequently every 6 months, and ensure you are getting the best treatment. Glaucoma monitoring is not only sensible for wounded of the situation but also for individuals with a family history and where interrupted examination is also suggested. Our well trained and experienced surgeons try hard to bring back perfect vision for all our patients.


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